Does really give free Bitcoin?

It does, but the real question is – Is it worth the effort?

I discovered a little website called from the #BeerSaturday creator @detlev.  Mr Detlev wrote about this site quite some time ago, and I’ve been using the site ever since with the view to write about my experience here on Steemit. Which I never really got around doing until now.

Source is a site where you get invited to complete simple tasks and in return you get paid a small sum of Bitcoin. The site claims that you can earn anywhere from $1 to $100 for completing tasks.  And it seems that if you have skills and high level knowledge in blockchain, engineering and other IT related skills then you may very well be able to earn at the higher end of the spectrum.  If you’re a well established investor or influencer then you might find yourself in demand in the platform as well.

You receive jobs by applying to be included on “lists” which match your skills and knowledge. And given that I don’t have a background in IT and my knowledge of Blockchain is entirely self taught, the lists that I am on are for all fairly low value tasks. As a result, I only get contacted by companies launching new ICOs and wanting me to sign up to their Telegram channel and other platforms. And by doing so, I receive the equivalent of $1 US dollar in Bitcoin per task.

So, for the minimal time that I’ve put into thus far, I’ve made around $25 in Bitcoin which I have transferred to Bittrex and converted into Steem Power. I should mention though, that through the process I’ve had to sign up to numerous email lists.  So if you’re going to get involved, I’d recommend setting up a separate email address so that you don’t get your main account spammed with endless emails for ICOs etc.


It’s also very sporadic with the job requests. So while I’ve mentioned that I haven’t put much time into this, the time has been spread over numerous weeks. And it can be a little distracting seeing these job requests pop up from time to time.  The job requests also have a time limit on them, so if you leave them too long the will expire.

One of the good things about the site is that you can transfer any amount you like to an off site wallet. My first transfer was worth all of $11 in Bitcoin. So at least the site has passed my first and most important test:

Yes, you can actually earn Bitcoin from

Will you make a tonne of money there? Probably not. Is it worth your time and energy? Maybe, but you could invest that time into creating content on Steemit and quite probably make the same amount of money, if not more.  Will I continue using Well, I’ve just applied to be included on some extra lists which might lead to higher paying jobs, so yes, I’ll give it another month. And I’ll certainly report back if I make anything worthwhile from the site.

If you’re curious and want to give it a shot, you can get a little bonus by using my referral link, and naturally, I’ll get a little kick back as well.

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